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21 April, 2017

The annual yacht engineering seminar organized by the international yacht brokers association (IYBA) is being held on the 28th of April. It promises to be a full day educational event designed to help brokers and technical personnel gain greater understanding of the systems and engineering aspects of the vessels they sell and service.

March, 2017

Rén (Chinese for ‘benevolence’) is the result of a master thesis by Karel Nguyen initiated at the Delft University of Technology in cooperation with Guido de Groot Design. The goal of this project was to design an advanced yachting concept tailored to the future Chinese elite

March, 2017

The contemporary and comfortable interior of the Selene 92 motor yacht “Watta Ryde” is the result between the team of Guido de Groot Design and her owners. The result is a beautiful, functional and practical interior clearly reflecting her owners’ personality

February, 2017

Two new VQ54s currently being built are based on the successful VQ48 theme designed by Guido de Groot Design. They will be equipped with the latest award-winning MAN i6-800 diesel engines and feature a Williams tender on board with its own garage

January, 2017

The Breedendam MTB fourzero Wheelhouse made her world debut at the Boot Düsseldorf 2017 boat show. Designed by Guido de Groot, the new flagship of Breedendam Yachts is a retro classic tender built with the latest technologies. The comfortable wheelhouse is bright and spacious. The electric sliding roof and the sliding window between the salon and cockpit enhance the al fresco ambiance. And the combination of sturdiness, sportiness and elegance gives this MTB an individual feel.