Makeover for motor yacht Sylviana
Hogewoerd 122, 2311 HT Leiden, The Netherlands

January 1st, 2015

Guido de Groot Design is currently working on a complete makeover for the classic motor yacht SYLVIANA (ex Ragazza, Hiba, Aruba II).  Originally built by CRN Ancona in Italy in 1979, her extensive refit will include a 4 meter aft extension that will bring her to a length of nearly 40 meters.

In addition to gaining length, SYLVIANA will receive a new modified superstructure forward on the main deck, an extended bridge deck lounge, and a completely new upper sun deck.  A main focus of this project was to increase ceiling heights onboard the vessel and the capacity to store larger tenders.  Subsequently, the yacht will benefit from plenty of newly created recreational and sunbathing space.  From a design aesthetic, her lines have been brought up-to-date without neglecting her classic heritage and associative style that is appreciated by so many people.