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Together with Bobič Yacht Interior from Slovenia, Guido de Groot Design successfully completed the project of two identical 77-feet aluminum motor yachts: White Rose and Silver Rose.

Both yachts have been finished to an exceptionally high interior standard. While the general interior designs for both yachts are identical, “the two Roses” differentiate from one another through the use of varying interior color schemes.

The modern interiors have an open space planning but providing nevertheless enough privacy for guests and crew through the novel way of using decorative opaque glass panels and the use of sliding doors.


As always the team of Guido de Groot Design is looking for new future concepts. One of those projects is a 34.5 m Trimaran yacht. Trimarans are currently used for professional use.

Our design partner for this concept, Mobimar from Finland has built and developed several models for offshore use. They have proven their advantages in this field in terms of an optimal combination of speed, stability and maneuverability.

The big advantage over a monohull is that a trimaran can be more (fuel) efficient due to a narrower main hull shape. The outer hulls do not add to more resistance. A trimaran gives the possibility of having beams half the size of the length of the yacht. Guido de Groot Design and Mobimar will reveal later this year the final concept for this novel yacht project.

Guido de Groot Design was asked to look at the possibility of converting a fast Catamaran Ferry into a modern motor yacht. With a length of 57 meters and a beam of 13 m, the new designs allow the existence of a full beam owner’s suite on the bridge deck and private balconies on both sides. A new exterior top deck has been added with large shade areas as well as space for sunbathing.


As with art, in design there are trends or schools of thought. Yacht design is no different in this, but it sometimes reflects a multiplicity of design styles that coexist. You can easily find a newly built, classically styled yacht moored in a marina next to a highly futuristic model, both perhaps built and even designed by the same teams of people. Yachts have evolved over time and will continue to do so. This process of change is inevitable, important and desirable. However, in the rush to make new and bold futuristic statements, there is perhaps a risk of forgetting a rich design legacy and it would be wise to occasionally look back while also looking forward.

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The Italian based Shipyard AB Yachts, part of the Fipa Group has delivered the stunning AB116 Diamond in 2012. The yacht has recently been nominated as a finalist at the Showboats Design Awards “best interior design” in the category “Interior Design Award” – Semi-displacement Motor Yachts.

The Showboats Design Awards honors the finest new super yachts, built and delivered to their owners in the past twelve months. It is a notable achievement in itself to be named as a finalist in this, the most competitive super yacht awards in the industry.

Guido de Groot has collaborated with the Italian Yard for a number of fast Motor Yachts, including the interior styling of MY Diamond. Next to the nomination with the Showboats Design Awards this year, Diamond also was nominated as a finalist with the ISS Design Awards in 2012.