Vanquish Yachts: attaining the next level
Hogewoerd 122, 2311 HT Leiden, The Netherlands

September 09, 2016

Vanquish yachts is a brand that offers a very full spectrum of designs, ranging from the VQ16 (waverunner/tender) right up to the VQ90 Veloce, an all aluminium thrilling beast of a vessel. The latter’s name gives a clear indication of her staggering high-speed capabilities. The complete range is characterized by spectacular levels of performance and exciting styling; a product of the collaboration between Vanquish Yachts and Guido de Groot Design.

The VQ48 by Vanquish Yachts is the first of this exciting series of “Pure Power” vessels. She offers awe-inspiring acceleration, immense agility and excellent sea keeping thanks to her hull developed by Studio Delta. Her clean and unfussy lines are characteristic of Guido de Groot’s design office. The complete Vanquish range is linked by sharing similar looking hull forms and detailing, making them instantly recognisable.

Almost simultaneous to the construction of the VQ48 are the first models of the VQ16 Waverunner/Tender, currently receiving their finishing touches at the yard. This compact craft has very nimble handling; she handles much like you would expect a marine equivalent of a go-kart to. She looks dynamic and is so too, offering the performance expected of the brand. The intention is that this tender can be configured and specified to match the colours and trim of the “mother-ship”; a way to make them instantly familiar and visually linked to the larger Vanquish yacht.

Last, but by no means least (quite the contrary in fact) is the VQ90 Veloce. This range-topping vessel, built entirely in aluminium, has a sleek and elegant exterior profile, the manoeuvrability of a vessel a third smaller and a swiftness that seldom is found in vessels of her size and kind. She will be capable of electrifying speeds in excess of 55 knots, achieved by the use of three MTU 16V 4000 M90 engines coupled to Arneson Surface drives and an optimised hull. When the VQ90 Veloce is built she will be one of the ten fastest yachts of her size in the world.